Decorative Glass With Ceramic Print in a Cathedral Renovation in France

Strasbourg Cathedral



Printed Area
7.8 meter (25.6 feet)
Number of Panels
Digital mix
Glass Type
8mm extra clear

Project Partners

Véronique Ellena


Master glassmaker
Pierre-Alain PAROT



Master glassmaker Pierre-Alain Parot, with the artist Véronique Ellena created a blown glass second skin that was applied over the printed imagery. The stained glass further enhanced the image and feel, creating the perfect blend with the existing Gothic artwork. The final result is a 7.8 meter (25.6 feet) high photomontage consisting of 40 printed panels.

Dip-Tech technology of Ceramic digital glass printing, enables to plan how the entire image will be printed on each panel. Then, Saint-Gobain actually print different part of the image on each panel, number it, and make it easier for the construction team to build it in the correct way, revealing the masterpiece.

“It was clear to us from the beginning that ceramic colors would need to be infused into the glass, as organic inks would not stand the exposure to air and humidity.”
Jean-Francois Outin, Interior & Design Market Director | Saint-Gobain
The artist Véronique Ellena who designed the project, described her goal as conveying “the beauty and diversity of the world” on glass.