Jewelry Trade Center

Decorative glass printed on a ceiling in a commercial building



Glass Specifications

Overall square meters
260 sqm
Type of glass and thickness
8mm low-e+12a+6mm digital printing+1.52pvb+6mm
Glass Coating (Yes or No)
What type of glass coating?
PVB film



Graphic content/ design concept
Typical Chinese landscape painting
Colors / Ink type used

Project Partners


Jingqi Glass

The Jewelry trade center wished to add a touch of glamour into their ceiling by designing a circular pattern of graphics with a renaissance theme. In order to enlighten the center of the space, they added a gradient of yellow going white towards the center, which makes the light appears brighter and enhances the typical Chinese lamp hanging at the center. 

Customer chose this project because they beleive that other technology can’t achieve this effect with durability and shading functionality as digital print technology achives.