Doors and Windows



Amazing decorative glass for windows and glass door design, with ceramic Ceramic digital glass printing


A door can be so much more than an entrance, and a window much more than a panel for light and air – when you employ the powers of Dip-Tech ceramic Ceramic digital glass printing.


Digitally printed glass doors and windows combine the best in design with the best in surface finishing, for a customized touch to optimize any space. With print on glass you can create safe, durable and incredibly stylish shop windows, home windows, or doors to any building or room, for residential or commercial purposes.


Use digital glass printing to create a unique entranceway to your home, or the perfect gateway to your pantry. Create a full-length meeting room door with digital glass printing technology, or add a glass border or frame, for some personalized flair.


With the Dip-Tech glass printer you have the freedom to choose the exact color, pattern, font, photorealistic image, or design you wish to produce. You can choose to make the glass clear, etched, or any level of opacity to match your privacy and lighting needs. For exterior doors and windows, Dip-Tech Extra Durable S1 inks ensure durability, without compromising on natural light.


Opt for a custom design, or select from Dip-Tech’s extensive library of existing designs. Whichever you choose, digital ceramic glass printing technology is sure to add light and inspiration to your space.


To create the perfect windows or glass doors for your needs, contact Dip-Tech today.

Print on glass doors and windows in a private house by Jingfeng Glass in China
Print on glass doors and windows in a private house by Jingfeng Glass in China