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“Architects and designers increasingly demand all-glass, jumbo and custom glass for their projects, driving the decorative market, companies report.” Glass Magazine, February 2015


The survey revealed that “for the second consecutive year, fabricators reported that the decorative glass segment offered the most potential growth”. These fabricators are reporting a potential 73% increase in decorated glass sales.


Dip-Tech connects its customers with architects and developers around the world. Through hands on business development support Dip-Tech guides and trains its customers on how to tap into the ever-growing market of digitally printed glass.

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  • Leverage the most innovative technology in the market
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  • Incorporate high-margin, dgitially printed glass
  • Convert a commodity into a high-end product

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  • Win high value orders and tenders
  • Work with architects, designers, developers, and consultants

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  • Take advantage of Dip-Tech's professional consultation
  • Generate news business leads with sales and marketing tools