RECAP: GlassBuild America '17


The Ferro & Dip-Tech team returned from GlassBuildAmerica 2017, the first major glass industry show since Ferro acquired Dip-Tech in early August 2017.

Visitors witnessed broadened offerings for flat glass, speed and quality of the GPi and NEra digital printers, projects around the globe and the new ink: Etch.

Thanks to our valuable customers for visiting our booth and sharing with us their amazing digitally printed projects on our Project Wall.


Thank you all for being a part of the experience!

GBA 2017



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Dip-Tech, the world’s leading provider of ceramic digital glass printing solutions, will present its comprehensive technology and business support offering along with an extensive display of digitally printed glass samples at GlassBuild America this September. Dip-Tech, during a special booth event, will also present real-world experiences of glass processors who have grown their business with digital ceramic glass printing.

A Complete Technology Solution
Dip-Tech glass technology is a complete solution consisting of high-precision digital glass printers, long-lasting and vibrant ceramic inks, and easy to use image processing software. Intended for architectural, interior design, industrial, and automotive applications, the advanced technology of the new printers takes ceramic digital glass printing to a new level in terms of quality, throughput, and productivity. Demonstrating its impressive capabilities, a GPi printer will be working continuously throughout the show printing at high-speed black frames, photorealistic imagery, and other applications on various sizes and types of glass. Visitors can see glass printing firsthand at Dip-Tech’s booth #1949




 Attendees of GBA will see at Dip-Tech’s booth #1949 :

Vitrum 2015 Dip Tech Booth 2 400x288

Digitally Printed Glass Projects

Thousands of projects around the world have been completed with Dip-Tech ceramic digital glass printing. Visit the Printed Glass Project Gallery to see some for yourself.

gpiReal 600x500

Digital Ceramic Glass Printers

Dip-Tech's GPi Printer will be in action throughout the expo, demonstrating the powerful capabilities, including high image quality with the widest color gamut in the industry.

black white 2 422x288

Single-Color Applications

Dip-Tech offering to automotive & specialty transportation, including bullet proof and marine glazing applications, will be presented in in the booth, showcasing high-speed printing of automotive applications. 

vector 1 422x288

Vector Graphics

Etch, Metallic appearance, SPECTRUM light and many more!

interiori wall

Surface Effects

Look and feel for yourself how ceramic digital glass printing can add creative surface effects on glass

Poster Test Print15

Photorealistic Designs

Experience the detailed images illustrating the digital opportunities of photorealistic and texture dedigns



Tools to boost business wins


Dip-Tech offers glass processors a “toolbox” of design resources to help architects win more projects. Such as Dip-Energy, Dip-CMiX, Pattern Catalog, and INTERIORI



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