Digital Printing Solution

A complete digital glass printing solution

Dip-Tech digital in-glass printing solutions are suitable for glass printing applications of any size, from small individual panes to jumbo panes and building facades. The Dip-Tech printing solution comprises:
Digital Printers
Dip-Tech digital in-glass printers are the most versatile and advanced in-glass printer series available. Going far beyond the capabilities of traditional screen and UV digital glass printing machines, these digital ceramic printers bring you more choice, more flexibility, and more quality.
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Digital Ceramic Ink
Dip-Tech digital ceramic inks are the only ceramic inks developed specifically for digital inkjet, drop-on-demand printing. A true glass ink - i.e. designed specifically for glass printing - they contain special sub-micron glass particles and inorganic pigments, and are fused into the glass during the tempering or annealing process. This means you can create vivid, durable designs that last as long as the glass itself. You can also use these digital ceramic inks to add functionality to glass, such as for energy efficiency, solar control, and light diffusion and transmission.   

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Image Processing
Dip-Tech DXP XL glass design software provides advanced image processing for high-quality, accurate printing in-glass. It enables you to easily, quickly and automatically turn standard graphic files into ready-to-print images that are tuned for optimum results on glass.

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Digital printing versatility and ceramic ink durability - on glass

Dip-Tech digital in-glass printing solutions combine the best of two worlds: digital printing versatility and ceramic ink durability. Digital printing on glass with ceramic inks eliminates the typical constraints of screen printing and UV digital printing - opening new opportunities to print on glass in ways that were never before possible.


Do more - With digital printing on glass

  • Glass processors targeting the architectural and automotive glass markets can print on glass with more versatility and higher quality and offer cost-effective short-runs and one-offs.
  • Architects and interior designers can fully express their creativity and imagination in glass and add enhanced functionality and sustainability to their designs.
There's so much you can do with Dip-Tech - glass digital printing solutions.
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Digital printing on glass - For all architecture, interior design and automotive applications

anywhereANYWHERE - Ceramic digital glass printing with Dip-Tech delivers outstanding exterior and interior durability. Ceramic ink resistance after tempering is equal to glass resistance.
ANYDESIGNANYDESIGN - With Dip-Tech ceramic inks for digital glass printing, you can achieve personalized, opaque, transparent, and textured-look effects. The micro-drop precision of Dip-Tech - digital printing solution enables highly detailed, accurate photorealistic and graphic designs and gradients.
ANYNEEDANYNEED - The versatility of ceramic digital glass printing enables you to meet any aesthetic goals and a wide range of functional requirements. Micro-drop precision means light diffusion, light transmission, energy efficiency, sun control, temperature control, privacy levels and other functional requirements can be supported by printing on glass.
ANYCOLORANYCOLOR - Dip-Tech glass printers deliver multi-color printing in a single pass. Unique technology for digital printing on glass enables truly limitless multi-color designs with ceramic ink durability. 
ANYSIZEANYSIZE - Creative designs can be integrated in any glass element, from small panes to building facades, with perfect-registration multi-pane printing. Dip-Tech's modular printer hardware and advanced printing software enable simple and flexible printing on glass panes from 10 x 10cm up to 3.3 x 6m.
ANYCONDITIONSANYCONDITIONS - Ceramic digital glass printing offers full resistance to weather and chemicals. Ceramic inks printed by Dip-Tech digital glass printers and fused into the glass during tempering or annealing stand up to harsh weather conditions; they are scratch and acid-resistant, making them ideal for exposed, high-traffic and graffiti-prone installations.
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