Sustainable Architecture

Environmentally Responsible Architecture

Dip-Tech's printed glass meets environmentally responsible architecture goals:


  • Provides eco-friendly functionality such as energy efficiency and solar control
  • Safe for handling – Comprised of non-toxic, free of heavy metal, and recyclable materials
  • Simplifies urban renewal and preservation projects (avoiding demolition and rebuilding)
  • Perfectly replicates existing panels, preventing extensive refurbishment
  • Can reduce bird collisions
Sustainable Architecture Urban Renewal
- Harlem Hospital in NYC was founded in 1887. The glass facade was renovated in 2010.

LEED & BREEAM Certification

Dip-Tech printed glass assists in qualification for LEED and BREEAM certification by contributing to a building's overall energy saving, achieved by influencing key parameters evaluated by these organizations.


  • Reduce solar heat gain
  • Control light transmission
  • Limit external reflection


With glass printed by Dip-Tech’s innovative technology platform, complete design freedom is maintained while enjoying extreme control over ink thickness, percentage of glass coverage, and color.

Test your designs' impact on a building's solar heat gain and light transmission with Dip-Tech’s Energy Saving Performance Tool.



- Ryerson University - Combining digital ceramic in-glass printing with other glass technologies contributed to achieving the required energy saving for LEED certificiation.


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