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Edition:  Sept. 1, 2015


for the

Dip-Energy, Printed Glass Performance Calculator


  1. Limited License.  The Dip-Energy, Printed Glass Performance Calculator (the "Calculator") is and shall remain the sole property of Dip-Tech Ltd. ("Dip-Tech").  Unless otherwise agreed in writing, all use of the Calculator is authorized strictly in accordance with the terms of this License as it may be updated from time to time by Dip-Tech.
  2. Personal License and Password.  The license granted by Dip-Tech hereunder is a personal, non-exclusive license.  Your license to use the Calculator, and the password provided to you, may not be shared or transferred to any third party without Dip-Tech consent.
  3. Disclaimer of Liability.  The Calculator and all information provided by it are presented as-is and with no warranty whatsoever regarding its correctness or completeness.  All outputs including but not limited to estimations of solar heat gain coefficient and percentage of visible light, and any other output which may be produced by versions of the Calculator available at any time (the "Output Values"), are solely estimates determined based on a limited selection of data.  The Calculator is not a substitute for thorough evaluation of a project by an engineer, architect or other qualified professional. By accepting this license, you acknowledge that the Output Values in fact will be determined by a wide range of variables that are not addressed in the Calculator, and you accept full liability for your or any third party's usage of the Calculator made under your license or password.  In the event that you utilize the Calculator in providing services for any third party, or in the event that you authorize any employee, agent or other third party to use the Calculator on your behalf, it is your obligation to inform such persons of the terms of this License and you assume full responsibility for any damages or losses caused by such persons' use of the Calculator or reliance on its estimates.
  4. Proprietary Rights.  Use of the Calculator is authorized to be made solely in accordance with the instructions provided.  Any other form of use, including but not limited to copying or publishing the Calculator or its components or underlying code, or any designs or trademarks displayed therein, all of which remain the sole property of Dip-Tech.
  5. Amendment and Termination.  Dip-Tech shall be entitled to amend or terminate this license (and any password provided hereunder) at any time at its discretion, immediately upon providing notice of the termination or the amended version of the license, as relevant.
  6. Governing Law and Jurisdiction.  The terms of this license shall be construed in accordance with the laws of Israel.  Any dispute arising in connection with this License shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent courts of Tel Aviv.




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