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Meet our projects

Imprint Your Vision
in Glass


Meet our projects

Imprint Your Vision in Glass


Design – Dip-Tech glass printing technology enables you to explore new possibilities in modern glass design by transforming architectural glass into a platform for artistic expression. Imprint your most creative designs on glass to create iconic, breathtaking architecture that reflects your unique vision.


Functionality – Dip-Tech’s advanced technology enables optimum functionality with architectural glass, without limiting the range, quality or color of designs. Digital ceramic glass frit supports a wide range of serviceable requirements such as energy efficiency, light scattering and glare reduction.


Sustainability – Glass is one of the most versatile, cost effective and sustainable building materials available. Digitally printed glass panels are eco-friendly, cost-efficient to replace and can assist in obtaining LEED and other environmental and sustainable architecture certifications.


Technology - Dip-Tech provides you with an ever-growing supply of tools for digitally printed frit glass. Discover how new offerings such as Dip-Tech Extra Durable  S1 Inks or Slip Resistant Ink can open new windows of opportunity and brilliant designs.

Digital Architecture with Dip-Tech
Digitally Printed Glass - See How It Works

Click through the different stages of  the Dip-Tech digital ceramic in-glass printing workflow




Design Concept

Develop your design ideas and define functional requirements


Design Illustration
  • Add your design concept to the shop drawing using existing design tools
  • Highlight where the digitally printed glass will be applied


Graphics Conversion

Graphic files (PDF, PS, EPS, Tiff, BMP, JPEG) are converted to ready-to-print files that are tuned for optimum printed results on glass


Print Samples

Printed samples can be 1:1 or 1:200


Production and Installation

Glass panels are printed and installed, bringing your vision to completion


Design Concept
Design Illustration
Graphics Conversion
Print Samples
Production and Installation