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Architectural Glass

Glass is one of the most versatile, cost effective and green materials available for exterior and interior architectural elements. Printing on glass for exterior and interior design opens the way to unlimited creativity, enhanced functionality and outstanding sustainability, enabling unique designs that stand out both in your customers' minds and in their built environment.
The only way to ensure long-lasting exterior and interior durability for printed architectural glass without limiting the range, quality or colors of designs is to use a digital printing process that uses ceramic inks that are fused into the glass. Choosing digital in-glass printing with ceramic inks -   currently offered exclusively by Dip-Tech digital in-glass printing solutions -  enables you to break free from the traditional constraints of screen printing and non-ceramic digital printing technologies, such as UV printing. With Dip-Tech, you can ensure your architectural glass design and enhanced functional performance, including energy efficiency, sun control, privacy levels, and more, last as long as the glass itself.

Unlimited creativity to print on external and internal architectural glass and on glass elements for interior design

Digital in-glass printing with ceramic inks is the ideal way to infuse building exteriors and interiors with varied expressions of culture, identity and art, including:
  • Nature-inspired design - Use photorealistic images, graphics, patterns, textures, opacity, transparency, gradients and etch effects in any combination in architectural glass
  • Communication of messages and information - Leverage printed architectural glass to
    convey inspirational messages, directional information, and more.
Any design, any size, any color - With digital in-glass printing, your exterior and interior designs can be produced with complete predictability, repeatability, and ceramic ink durability, with outstanding color matching to your original design. Digital in-glass printing is suitable for printing any exterior or interior design and application of any size, from small panes to building facades, and even for superstructures

Leverage architectural glass for functional performance

Unique digital in-glass printing technology with ceramic inks supports a wide range of functional requirements, enabling you to enhance your designs with functional performance efficiently, aesthetically and cost-effectively. The high-accuracy, versatile printing process and opportunities to use special-function inks enable you to achieve and control numerous performance factors, including:
  • Light diffusion
  • Light transmission
  • Energy efficiency
  • Sun control
  • Electrical conductivity
  • Anti-skid
  • Privacy levels

Support sustainable architecture by printing in-glass

Decorated glass that is printed digitally using ceramic inks is a recyclable and non-toxic material. This method of printing on glass for exterior and interior design offers a range of sustainability advantages, including:
  • Enables ecological design - For energy efficacy, solar / light control, and glare reduction
  • Ideal for urban renewal and building preservation
  • Use of low-impact materials
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